Philosophy Of Education

Argumentative Essay
November 24, 2018
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Philosophy Of Education

Write your own philosophy of education. See  assignment description and rubric under the course information tab. Click on the assignment link above to submit your assignment and then click on “browse your computer” to find the document you  would like to attach.

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Your own philosophy of education is very important because it provides focus and emphasis for your teaching. Working to communicate your philosophy helps you to become aware of your own goals and values, which prepares you to integrate them with the goals and values espoused by your district and your community. Your philosophy is a description of your own goals and beliefs as a teacher. There is no “right” philosophy. Some fit into certain settings better than others. You will refine, augment, and develop your philosophy for the rest of your career. Usually it is not successful to “change” your whole philosophy to meet the expectations of someone else. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind to produce a well-written, focused, and articulate your philosophy. Your philosophy should be three to five pages in length. Your philosophy should address your beliefs about education in the following areas: the purpose of education, how students learn, the student’s role in the classroom and the teacher’s role. Your paper should describe the personal connections you made to the educational philosophies (perennialism, essentialism, romanticism, progressivism) outlined in the Ryan and Cooper text, identifying the educational philosophies that you align most closely with and providing a rationale for those connections. Lastly, classroom connections need to be made. Explore ways in which your beliefs and philosophy of education would be reflected in the classroom (learning environment, management, instructional strategies, curriculum, student grouping).

Your philosophy will be influenced by the knowledge and experience you acquire as you proceed through your program. This is an ongoing document. You will be making changes as you proceed through your entire career as an educator.

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